Artboard 36 copy 61.jpg

I developed a logo and theme with some powerful ideas in mind:

1. A design language that relies on a modern, look and feel and a bright neon glow to signal TRA’s bright ambitions for the future

2. A logo icon that looks like several letters at once: An “M” to represent the “Mobile,” and “A” to represent “App,” and if you flip it at its side, an “E” to represent “Elescwa”

3.Smooth curved lines throughout to show dynamics, forward-momentum, and to recall the softly curved corners that you see at the sides of mobile app icons 

4.A dynamic logo system that helps us tell stories. In large-format designs like posters and banners, we will drop beautiful lifestyle photography inside of an enlarged version of the logo. This helps us stay visually consistent while also helping us communicate the drive and hard work that it takes to be truly innovative. 

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